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THEM ch. 11
"I miss you. I miss you so much."
"I need you. I need you so bad."
She looked around her, but couldn't see much. It was always dark; light barely streaming in. Above her she saw her blood and flesh in the wood she tried to claw out of. No one will ever let her get out. They didn't care if she starved. She was barely survivng on the food they hardly remembered to bring her once a week. There were some movements up there. Feet...Walking around. Probably the guards that watched over her. But the air was different; Darker somehow. She shivered as goosebumps ran along her skin. The prescence was pure evil. It was Black Doom.
"They'll never know who's behind this." He rasped.
She didn't know who was up there with him but whoever it was didn't respond. There were more footsteps and rustling. There was a knock on the door and someone answered it. 
"Sir, we've caught another one." The soldier reported.
"Bring them in."
Heavy thuds sounded as someone big was brought forward. Thei
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 3 3
THEM ch. 10
Shadow's eyelids fluttered open. His head hurt and he realized that he hadn't hit the ground. The sun was bright; his eyes wouldn't focus. He was a little dizzy so he shook his head and tried to sit up. His body was wobbly and he had no firm ground; his fingers were woven in a net as he hung from a tree. 
'Shit, how many days have passed?' He wondered.
He looked around. He was in some kind of jungle area. Looking up, he saw the cliff from which he had fallen from. He was trying to chew on the net when he heard voices from the bushes. His ears perked as he saw large long spears poking out of them. What if it was THEM? The 'people' who had destroyed their homes and devoured children and Mobians alike...Shadow grew scared, which was rare, and frantically tried ripping the net open. Suddenly he heard laughing as Knuckles and Jet emerged with spears.
"It's just Shadow! We caught Shadow!" Knuckles couldn't stop laughing.
"Ha Ha fucking Ha. Get me down right now!" Shadow growled.
The two
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 3 0
THEM ch. 9
Tails snatched a box of crackers off the shelf in aisle 9. He and Rouge had discovered an abandoned grocery store. He was so hungry his stomach was cramping. He went through the next few aisles scanning for stuff you didn't have to cook, wouldn't spoil easily, and was small enough to carry. He grabbed a couple of beef jerkeys and went to find Rouge. He found her near the cash registers; her mouth was stuffed with chocolate.
"Hey, almost ready to go?" Tails asked.
Rouge's eyes went wide and she shook her head vigorously.
"Well you can't stay here forever. Take as much chocolate as you can."
She began stuffing bars of chocolate anywhere she could.
Silver's fur was a filthy white and he was lost. He didn't remember anything before he woke up in that forest three days ago. He knew he had to hide though. Something was wrong; terribly wrong. He hadn't seen the evil yet but he could sense it around him. There was something eerie about how the sun shone these days and how he hadn't run int
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 2 0
Shadamy 4
              Rouge and I were half way to the night club when she yelled for me to pull over.
      "Wait! I forgot my wallet. Will you take me to the apartment we live in?"
      "We?" I asked.
      "Well yeah, all of Team Dark lives together. It's easier that way."
      "Oh.", I said, "Maybe we should do that."
I turned the car around as Rouge gave me directions on where to go. We stopped in front of a huge apartment building.
     "I'll wait." I said, putting the car in park.
     "Come with me Amy, It might take awhile to find."
I agreed because I didn't want to be waiting in the dark all dressed up. We climbed the stairs to the apartment. I waited while Rouge took the key out of her bra to open the door.
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 5 2
Shadamy 3
         There was a light knock on the door. I went to answer it , dragging my feet and hanging my head. Tails was standing there with a hopeful look on his face.
        "Hey Amy, Did Cream say anything about me?"
        "She said a LOT about you." I replied grimly and then shut the door. "Go talk to her Tails. Maybe she'll listen to you."
I sighed and went into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of hot chocolate. I sat at the table, staring at the wall for a couple of hours. As the sun began to set in the west, there was another knock at the door.
         I didn't bother getting up as I called out, "Who is it?"
The door banged open and Rouge stood there, leaning against the frame with her hand on her hip. Her white fur was freshly groomed and her mascara still new.
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 7 11
Shadamy 2
          The next morning I woke up bright and early. Yawning, I checked the alarm clock. 7 am. I had to be there at nine.
          "Mmmm, wish I could get more sleep." I mumbled snuggling back into the covers.
          "No! Amy! You have to get up!" I scolded myself. "Where would it get you in life if you just laid around and did things the lazy way?"
          I pulled myself up and jumped out of bed. "Working hard equals success, Amy!"
I marched into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I combed my hair and arranged it into a neat pony tail. I saw how the tip of my hair reached my shoulders; it was growing. Then I quickly pulled on my work clothes which were a red shirt with the words "Juicy Fruity Smoothies" on it and some khaki shorts. I then checked out my appearance in the mirror.
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 7 6
Shadamy 1
          I sat across from Tails at a small restraunt downtown. I felt odd. It was as if I was watching myself from above. Was this really my life? And why was I here?
*Ahem* I cleared my throat; the air was akward.
         "Ummm Tails, it was really nice of you to bring me here but it's kind of getting late and I'm a little tired."  
Tails had come over to my house in a blue suit and tie with daisies in hand. He had been so sweet, asking me on a date. I probably should have said no, but how could I have turned down the cute little critter? Well I had agreed to go anyways because I knew this wasn't really going to go anywhere so I threw on some jeans and a frilly shirt. How could it go anywhere? My best friend, Cream, would be devastated because Tails was her long time crush.
          "Oh! I'm
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 7 5
THEM ch. 8
Sonic opened the hatch to the secret base and slid down the tunnel into the dark space below. No lights were on, and it was getting darker outside.
"Hello?" he whispered through the dark room.
His voice echoed back towards him. He went through the room, feeling for his way. There was a couch, a table, a chair, and finally he saw a dim light coming from the back of the room. He squinted his eyes; following it. It seemed to be a small work table which immediatley made him think of his friend, Tails. Was he around here somewhere?
"Tails?" he whispered.
No one answered.
"Tails, where are you?" he heard soft footsteps from around the corner.
He followed them. It seemed to come from another room, but no one was there. The room was dark with a large canopied bed in the center, and a window with long black curtains. He wondered who had been here. This was Eggman's base, right? There could'nt be more than one base, and he had followed directions leading to this one. He didn't know where Shadow
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 2 1
Uniform Shadow by Goddess-of-revenge Uniform Shadow :icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 5 2
THEM ch. 7
        Shadow had turned back, looking for Sonic of course. He had no luck, not so much as a footprint to leave a clue to where Sonic had been. Shadow wasn't even sure where he was headed. To the left? Towards the entrance? Maybe he was going in circles? After all, every tree looked the same. He knew it was stupid to call out Sonic's name. THEY might be able to hear him and find where he was. He sighed, frustrated of course. I mean wouldn't you be frustrated if you lost someone, and only wanted to go back to one person but you couldn't because you had some things you had to do?
"Sonic really is stupid." He muttered to himself, "Getting lost in the woods…how stupid of Sonic!" (Isn't Shadow lost in the woods himself at the moment? Lol)
All of a sudden he heard loud thrashing and a strangled scream of "SONIC!!!!"
He ran towards the sound, pushing aside branches and running through bushes. He arrived in time to see one of THEM dragging Amy away
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 9 15
THEM ch. 6
         Amy scampered behind the first tree she saw and tucked her head down. Squatting there, panting hard, it was impossible to see her. She had just barely made it away from a group of THEM. A few tears fell from her eyes and she wiped at them quickly. Now she officially knew how much she hated what her world had come to. She wanted to be with Sonic.
"Sonic!!" She called loudly, wandering at the entrance of the woods. "Where are you?!"
No answer of course, but she heard some twigs snap towards her right and she turned quickly, her eyes scanning.
"Who's there?" she whispered and she thought she saw a pair of moving eyes. "Sonic?" To her left! She saw a flash of red. "Who is it?" "Knuckles?" her lips trembled. She waited a few minutes and everything got quiet. After a moment, she knew she was being silly and went on walking.
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 4 4
THEM ch. 5
        "Tails!" Rouge called in frustration. "There is no more food!" She patted her growling stomach.
Tails was in the back building a rescue plane. "Hello? Is anyone out there?" He talked into a radio. Only static answered back. "Can anyone hear me?"
"TAILS!!!" Rouge screeched so loud Tails dropped the talkie he was using for the radio and covered his ears. "You know how I am when I'm hungry!"
"Why don't you fly out and get some?" Tails called.
They could fly high enough where THEY couldn't reach them. Only out in Central Square Tails had been tired and his flying was getting weak. He had been flying for days trying to find somewhere to stay. Then THEY began to reach for him, pulling at his tails and feet. He managed to stay out of their way until one of them grabbed his foot and held on. He was dragged down to the ground and THEY began to surround him.
Suddenly Shadow had jumped over a low brick wall, his long black trench coat falling behind
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 6 2
THEM ch. 4
        In the woods Shadow was muttering something with his head down; angry with what Sonic had said. How could Sonic not want to go back for Amy? How could he not at least feel an obligation towards her? She was their responsibility and he didn't want to leave her starving and almost dead for THEM to eat. The thought of Amy cut open on a table with her lungs and small intestines spilling out made Shadow walk faster, feeling flustered and raged. THEY would pay if they did such a thing. He wasn't sure what it was about her, but it seemed Amy was a small spark in his dark world. A spark he needed to keep alive. A spark he had to protect in his hands, shielding her from pain and sorrow.
"Sorrow....that's where she was headed if she stayed clutched to the faker's ball sack." he thought and sighed. "I'm a nobody to her." He thought again. Which was strange because usually he wouldn't care if he was a nobody to somebody." Sonic doesn
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 6 5
THEM ch. 3
Meanwhile…Amy began to get bored at the base her, Sonic, and Shadow had created. It'd been two and a half hours and counting since they'd left.
"I'm bored." She thought. "What if they're….No! I can't allow myself to think that way. Maybe they're stuck…or lost? We're running out of food here and there's no where around for miles." Her mind was about to have a mental breakdown and she didn't know what to do.
"Maybe I should leave, to help them I mean." But the thought of something….of THEM being out there, that frightened her. "Well Amy, it's time to gather your courage," She gathered her coat, "For Sonic!" she thought as she pushed the button that opened three huge metal doors. She glanced back for a second, grabbed a machine gun for herself, and headed out the door.
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 7 8
THEM ch. 2
As they slipped out of the security of the base Sonic slipped on blood. Shadow caught him by the arm.
"Try not to screw up too much."
"Yeah, Yeah" Sonic replied, rolling his eyes. "So which way is he?"
Shadow pointed towards Central Square and they hurried towards the direction trying to be as quiet as possible.
"Be careful, they're dangerous." Shadow whispered through the night.
"No kidding." Sonic whispered, more to himself than to Shadow.
Palming a pistol, Shadow stepped into Central Square. Feeling tensed, he glanced around quickly. No one was in sight.
"All clear," He said aloud to Sonic.
"I wonder, where did they go?" Sonic asked, crouching on the cement to examine some blood streaks. They didn't seem to lead anywhere at first, just some random streaks in the middle of town.
"There!" Shadow pointed to the other end of the square where there was fresh blood. "Maybe Tails escaped that way…."
"Tails?! You don't mean….?" Sonic's face crumpled with worry.
Shadow simply nodde
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 11 4
THEM ch. 1
She wiggled in her chair. She was silently squealing for him as he walked by. For a second she thought he flashed a smile and a wink her way. Either way he was sexy in his button up shirt and black slacks.
"Hey Amy, wanna be my partner for today?" Sonic asked, winking.
"This was it!" she thought as she blushed and nodded to him.
Sonic took Amy by the hand and led her over to his locker when Shadow burst in through the door, shedding all of his guns and gear to the floor. He let out a growl and dropped to his knees.
"Shadow!?" Sonic asked with concern in his voice.
"He needs back up! We need to get out there now!" Shadow almost screamed as he took up another pistol and an extra clip.
Shadow seemed to catch himself as his eyes flickered to Amy. He slowly stood up and turned toward Sonic, holding out his free hand he asked, "Come with me?"
The action caught Sonic off guard. He stared at Shadow, stunned. Then he grasped Shadow's hand and said, "Let's do it!" They ran outside and thr
:icongoddess-of-revenge:Goddess-of-revenge 9 2


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Today is my uncle's birthday and he loves the original blue power ranger so I got him his auto graph from the comic con in san antonio! I hope he loves it, I even framed it and got him a blue power ranger pin. I also took pictures with him so he knows it's real!


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